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If you have successfully built an MP3 player with IRMP3, feel free to e-mail a small description of your project to the IRMP3 webmaster.

Robert Hardwick

I have created a wireless music player. I flashed OpenWrt to a Netgear WGT634U and used mpg123 as it does not require libao. I have a BWCT lcd controller and a HD44780 20x4 lcd module. I also used a Packard Bell RF usb remote to control it. It works well, and I can even stream radio from the Internet.

Jakob Class

Hi, just finished my work building a standalone Mp3-Player. Info (German) and photos.

Eric Dejonc

I used irmp3. Here is a description of my mp3 box.

Stefan Willmeroth

My IRMP3 player was built to be part of the home stereo. I fitted an older Acer notebook (180 MHz, 64 Mbytes RAM) inside a standard 1 HE 19 inch case using only the mainboard, harddisk and CDROM. The board is turned 90 degrees, so the CD is in front and the PC card slots are in the back to provide wireless network connectivity. Suse Linux 7.2 is booting from the harddisk, all necessary software installed as daemons. Shutdown is controlled by a script and can be initiated from the remote control.

There is no fan, the moderate heat of the processor is passed to the case top using the original heat sink which I bent into a U shape. The power supply remained outside.

The front features a homebrew IR receiver, a backlit 2x20 LCD and a power switch. The LCD fits exactly and provides enough screen space. Note that most 2x16 displays won't fit into the slim case because of their larger controller PCB. It works beautifully perfect and all my friends are amazed :-)

Thanks for such a fine software.

Jake Angerman

I built an IRMP3 jukebox with LCD and remote control. It is connected to my home stereo.

Michael Duncan

As of irmp3-0.4.4 I now have a fully functional party ready mp3 jukebox.

It's built around a small Unisys pentium 150 with 64 mbytes of RAM.

- Soundblaster AWE64 sound card
- A 16x2 backlit LCD has been shoehorned into the floppy drive hole.
- A home-brew IR receiver (with activity LED) adorns the left and right of the LCD.
- A very cute little creative infra52 credit card sized remote control completes the ensemble

It has a 10gb laptop hard drive, rh7.1 (with lots of stuff removed) and custom built kernel. It only uses about 28 of the 64mbytes of RAM and NO SWAP

I only use the mod_browser code to perform a 'graceful' shutdown when its time leave the party.

The only annoying problem I had was a brief (<1sec) pause in playback during disk I/O, this was fixed by adding --buffer 64 after the --aggressive of the mpg123 parameters line of the irmp3.conf file. The man for mpg123 says anything less than 300 is a waste of time. I disagree a buffer of 300 meant a approx. 1.5sec delay between pressing FF on the remote and hearing the next song.

It also runs the edna python script, which is a way cool way of getting to your music collection through a web browser rather than smb sharing etc. and then having winamp/xmms playlist add songs

Brett Caroll

I have successfully been using irmp3 for about a year now and I am very happy with the results.
I am using a Homebrew serial receiver for LIRC with a WebTV wireless keyboard and a universal Credit Card sized-remote control.
I also have a 16x2 HD44780 LCD display that looks ok. Although 20x4 would be much nicer I'm sure.

Thanks for making such useful software!

Sandro Noell

a car MP3 player using Irmp3 and a module i programmed to fit with Palmamp from IronCreek

the computer hardware is completely mounted in a buisness case, and it lies in the trunk incognito. it hasa 100Mb network interface to allow me to FTP to the Box and update my MP3 selection. it has a 3Gb hard drive for storage and a Os Image or 1.7Mb Home Made Linux. the processor is a 333Mhz Celeron with a 64Mb of ram ( way to much ) wich alows the player to boot from cold to playing music in a big 17 Seconds.

to control the box i use my Handspring Visor, connected to a self crafted Serial Cradle mount, with a lamp like flexible arm.

future plans is to fit the Os image on a USB dongle from witch i will boot the system. ( this improvement will alow me to flash my Player more effectively. )

it's been in working condition now for about 1 1/2 year ... the source for IRMP3 is not as up to date . but it works peachy and never failed me.

Take care . and keep up the good work.

Sandro Noel.
Montreal Quebec Canada


IRMP3 is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).